Aussie films on Netflix Australia: Top 5

Australian film is coming into its own as it creates some truly exceptional content that rivals Hollywood favourites. We have a way of injecting a quirky humour, even into the most serious of movies; while also leading the way in creating a lot of impressively low-budget films that save money but look incredible. So sit back, relax, and check out these Aussie movies on Netflix Australia.
Photo: Murriel’s Wedding –


IMDb rating: 6.3/10
Editor’s rating:
Summary: This Australian psychological thriller gives Black Mirror a run for its money. Ren and her business partner have created a piece of technology called the OtherLife. In mere moments the technology gives users a real-life break by creating the experience of a perfect day of adventure. With days left until product launch, Ren and her business partner are each secretly working on their own designs. Protagonist Ren is using the product to fundraise her own research into restoring her brother from a coma. As ideologies and interests clash, what could possibly go horribly wrong? Full of tension, a few twists that will have you second guessing where this is going, engaging visuals and superb acting, this thriller leaves you with a satisfying build-up that is thought-provoking and genuine.
Lead cast: Jessica De Gouw, Thomas Cocquerel and TJ Power.

Muriel’s Wedding

IMDb rating: 7.2/10
Editor’s rating:
Summary: When you’re looking for Australian comedy, it’s hard to go past this classic. Muriel’s Wedding threw Toni Collette into the spotlight and features the delightful Rachel Griffiths as the off-beat friend. Both actresses play iconic and stereotypical Aussie roles in the heartfelt movie about relationships and self-identity. The movie doesn’t take itself too seriously as it pulls out over-the-top scenes and hilariously performed lines. While it is full of laughter, it also manages to create some poignant moments and brings out the tears as it touches on some of the more serious aspects. It’s full of fun, craziness, drama, and absolute absurdity.
Lead cast: Toni Collette, Rachel Griffiths, Sophie Lee and Bill Hunter.

Mad Max

IMDb rating: 7/10
Editor’s rating:
Summary: Are you looking for something with a bit action? Or perhaps you just want to reminisce the days of a younger Mel Gibson. While it has aged, this post-apocalyptic adventure retains a solid place in our hearts for good reason. The Aussie humour is evident in character moments throughout the film, which gives it an edge above the more serious action-packed flicks. Mad Max is one of many examples of a low-budget Australian movie that shows that it’s possible to break the rules and still kick butt. Whether you are revelling in a car chase, laughing at the crazies, or gasping at the brutality depicted violence in this world, it’s truly a ride worth experiencing.
Lead cast: Mel Gibson, Joanne Samuel, Steve Bisley and Hugh Keays-Byrne.


IMDb rating: 7.1/10
Editor’s rating:
Summary: If a biographical film is your style then this is the one for you. The story of Eddie Mabo takes us through his time on Torres Strait Island and up to his high court challenge. This powerful Indigenous hero is realistically presented as the film explores both his failings and his victories. In true Aussie fashion, Eddie is an underdog who battles immense challenges to do something remarkable, not just for himself, but for all Indigenous people. While it may not be the most cinematic presentation, the storyline more than makes up for what it lacks. The real-life drama is full of celebration and heartbreaking tears as we explore his personal life, romance, and determination.
Lead cast: Jimi Bani, Tom Budge, Deborah Mailman and Ewen Leslie.


IMDb rating: 6.3/10
Editor’s rating:
Summary: Zombie fans can rejoice in this meaningful Australian offering to the genre. Not only does it offer a compelling storyline for the protagonist, it brings something unique, original and touching to what could otherwise just be another horror movie. Martin Freeman brings the story to life with the heartfelt portrayal of a father seeking someone who can save his infant daughter, Rosie. The rural Australian setting and locals provide a refreshing backdrop to a typical zombie apocalypse film. While you are eventually still confronted with some of the expected gore and horror, the movie is more concerned with presenting the slower paced picture of the humanity that is struggling to survive amongst a world that is succumbing to death. This also makes it appealing to drama fans who may turned off by a simple zombie romp.
Lead cast: Martin Freeman, Caren Pistorius, Anthony Hayes and Susie Porter.

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